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Reeperbahn Festival

With Highasakite, Dråpe, Lemaitre, The Low Frequency in Stereo, Farao, Kvelertak, Petter Carlsen and Eye Emma Jedi playing showcases and a 20-delegate strong Norwegian contingency, the 2013 Reeperbahn festival is one of the autumn’s key German events.

The Hamburg based festival for talents, trends and trade in music and arts kicks off on Sep 25th, and has grown into one of the most important arenas in Europe for the music industry.

With showcases with artists from all over the world and seminars covering a broad spectre of subjects around the music industry

Much like By:larm the showcases are open for the public as well.
The showcases are nicely located around the Reeperbahn area and easy to get from the conferance hotel to all the venues.

The Reeperbahn festival is also a excellent place for networking. By day the music industry event offers multiple match making sessions with different groups and by night there are several official and unofficial parties where you can unwind and hook up with other delegates.

This year, Norway will be well represented at the festival with 9 different artists playing and over 20 delegates from the Norwegian music industry attending, including representatives from Music Norway

Thomas Ryjord from Polar Artist was at Reeperbahn last year and will attend the festival this year as well: – Reeperbahn is an important place to get your insights on the German and european livemarked, and a great place to find collaborators and showcase bands!

Norwegian artists at Reeperbahn Festival:

On the first glimpse, Highasakite could be the name of a new form of martial arts, or some kind of Japanese schnapps. In fact, it’s an Indie-Pop band from Norway. Singer Ingrid Håvik and drummer Trond Bersu met while studying Jazz at Trondheim Jazz Conservatory. After their first gigs as a duo – Bersu played drums and Håvik on the zither – Highasakite eventually became a five-piece and started working on their debut album. “All That Floats Will Rain“ reached number 16 in the Norwegian charts after its release in February 2012. The music of Highasakite is unquestionably pop, but they combine it with elements of Jazz and Norwegian Folk, as well as lots of synthesizers, zither and autoharps. All this creates a wall of sound polished by Håviks emotional singing.

Imperial Theater 26th Sep 22:30

Modesty is not a trait of Norwegian band Dråpe. One of their first songs ever was called „We Want The World“. They can have it! With their warm Dream-Pop Dråpe win you over in the blink of an eye. Moony melodies, lush soundscapes, Shoegaze influences and drone-y guitars centre around the hypnotic vocals of singer Hanne Olsen Solem, whose voice make a perfect fit with that of guitarist Ketil Myhre. Maybe the five-piece has crafted this sound to help them get through Norway’s long winter. Anyhow, their weightless songs are full of happiness and can be regarded as an alternative to the Scandinavian melancholy that we often meet in Nordic music. In autumn their debut album „Canicular Days“ will be released in Germany, beforehand you can enjoy their songs at the Reeperbahn Festival, dreaming of cheesy things like endless summers and love.

Molotow Bar 26th Sep 20:45

Lemaitre is an indie electronica band formed by Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund in 2010. In a short period of time they have been at the end of huge interest in Norway as well as internationally, both from fans and from music business representatives. The frequently sell out the venues they play and has a massive following on social media. The Friendly Sound EP was released at the end of 2010, and the duo are working on new material and cites influence by artists like Justice, Phoenix, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Noisia, Ratatat and Röyksopp.

Mojo Club 27th Sep 23:30

The Low Frequency in Stereo
You can’t go wrong with a band that claims to have “one foot in Pompeji and one in space“. We’re talking about The Low Frequency In Stereo. Formed in 2001 in Haugesund on the west coast of Norway by singer and guitarist Hanne Andersen, bassist Per Steinar Lie and drummer Ørjan Haaland, the band initially played instrumental Lo-Fi-Post-Rock. Over the years The Low Frequency In Stereo grew into a five-piece and enhanced their sound to a mixture of Indie-Rock, Shoegaze and Kraut-Rock. Their songs are dark and atmospheric, but at the same time they surprise with catchy choruses. The old living room organ is reminiscent of The Doors, while other references include Can, Stereolab and The Jesus and Mary Chain. At the Reeperbahn Festival the band will premier some songs of their fifth album, which will be out in October.

Indra 27th Sep 22:50

Farao is the pseudonym of London based, Norwegian singer Kari Jahnsen. To realise that she is different than most other songwriters, you only need to visit her homepage, where you’ll find a free download of her stunning cover version of „Go With The Flow“ by Queens Of The Stone Age. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar only, Jahnsen turns this song into a touching ballad. Of course her own songs are pretty special too. Her Singer-Songwriter-Pop flirts with Folk just as much as it does with electronic Ambient-Sounds. To record her first EP, Farao got some help by an expert: Mike Lindsay from British experimental Folk band Tunng. Acclaimed blog Line Of The Best Fit recently named her as on of the ten singers and bands leading the female-fronted Nordic music revolution.

Pooca Bar 27th Sep 00:00 Stage West 27th Sep 18:00

The name Kvelertak is Norwegian and means stranglehold or chokehold. Obviously, you don’t need to be afraid of the Metal band from the Norwegian town of Stavanger, but some respect is appropriate. Not long after their formation the six-piece lead by singer Erlend Hjelvik had such a big reputation as a brilliant live band that in 2009, before signing a record contract, they were asked to play at Roskilde Festival. Fair enough, having three guitarists Kvelertak’s sound is a staggering force! Their debut album, on which they unite Black Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Rock, was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. In March Kvelertak released the follow-up “Meir” and made it to the top of the Norwegian album charts. The fact that Hjelvik solely sings in Norwegian makes Kvelertak even more special. It’s best though if we don’t tell you what their song titles mean…

Große Freiheit 36 28th Sep 00:45

Thomas Dybdahl
Thomas Dybdahl is a real workaholic when it comes to his music. Since 2002 the Norwegian Songwriter has released six solo albums, complemented by two records with his band The National Bank. Still he has never written any filler. Actually each and every one of his songs is so genius that you could take it with you to a lonely island and listen to it until the end of your days. Dybdahl mastered gracious piano and string ballads with a Chamber-Pop influence, but he is also capable of mid tempo songs with extraordinary arrangements and a few little sound experiments. Consequently, the 34-year old can decorate his bookshelf with several Spellemannprisen, Norway’s version of the Grammy.

Fliegende Bauten 28th Sep 19:45

Petter Carlsen
Ask British Alternative Rock band Anathema about Songwriter Petter Carlsen and they won’t stop praising him. „Apart from being a great friend, he is the most talented musician I have ever met in my life“, says Anathema guitarist Danny Cavanagh about the Norwegian musician. „Once I heard Petter Carlsen’s incredible voice and beautiful song writing I felt that he would be part of the inner circle of Anathema for a long time to come.“ That’s why the band didn’t just have him as a guest singer, but also invited Carlsen to tour with them. Ever since then he has been making a real name for himself even beyond his home country. His songs are gracefully arranged with strings, piano, trumpet and choirs and they have this typical Nordic sound: Contemplative and melancholy, but at the same time really beautiful.

Jazz Cafe 28th Sep 22:30

Eye Emma Jedi
Eye Emma Jedi, a play on words for “I am a Jedi“, have an excellent reputation. “More please” is what no one less than Sir Paul McCartney said after hearing the Norwegian Indie-Rock outfit. It was at McCartney’s “Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts” where the two band leaders Andrew Murray and Alexander Pavelich met in 2010. Their first singles they quickly gained them attention of several Norwegian radio stations and consequently Eye Emma Jedi played their first ever show at acclaimed Øya Festival. Needless to say they made an impression. Grown from a duo to a five-piece, they play energetic Indie-Rock, which is dancable but at the same time edgy and therefore reminiscent of bands like Two Door Cinema Club. Clubheim

FC St. Pauli 28th Sep 00:00

MusicDNA reception @ Reeperbahn

Music recognition service provider and audio analysts MusicDNA have monitored the airplays of the artists performing or having showcases at the Reeperbahn Festival. The company now invites delegates and festival-goers to a MusicDNA Reeperbahn event on Friday September 27th at 2‐3pm in the Jazz Café, Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg. (At the ground floor of the “Dancing Towers”, next to the Reeperbahn Festival Lounge and the Networking Area.)


Norwegian delegates at Reeperbahn

The Norwegian music industry is represented via a 20-delegate strong contingent at the Reeperbahn Festival:


Sarah- Chanderia                           Hacate Entertainment Group

Christopher Wareing                      Made

Glenn Larsen                                  Indianer

Kai Robøle                                       Waterfall

Jørn Dalchow                                  DaWorks

Espen L. Mentzoni                         New Kicks

Rebeca Toledo                                Unit

Eivind Brydøy                                  Vox Artist

Helge Westbye                                Grappa

Rune K. Danielsen                        Phonofile

Martin H Schilde                             Toothfairy

Louis Holbrook                                Lash Out Agency

Thomas Ryjord                                Polar Artist

Walter Berge                                    A New Directions Music



Music Norway will also be present at the Reeperbahn Festival, represented by Project Leader for MN’s Central European Office Jonas Vebner.


Music Norway has also made a new playlist for the occasion: Norway@Reeperbahn 13:


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