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Jaga Jazzist – symphonic European tour

Genre-defying nine-piece Jaga Jazzists teams up with European symphony orchestras on their October tour.

Jaga Jazzist are set to play six shows throughout Europe in October in support of their Ninja Tune album ‘Live with Britten Sinfonia’ released in spring. The album is based on live recordings from two fantastic concerts held in London and Oslo last autumn, featuring classic Jaga Jazzist tracks set in an orchestral setting with the Britten Sinfonia.

The ambitious project was initiated by BBC Radio 3’s Fiona Talkington as last year’s grand finale of the extensive UK/Norway concert series ‘Conexions’. The repertoire was written by Jaga Jazzist’s Lars Horntveth and Erik Johannesen and premiered at London’s Barbican Hall in September 2012. Acting as a vital link between the genre-defying collective and the orchestras is conductor Christian Eggen who now joins Jaga for their six-date European tour which features collaborations with orchestras in Prague, Riga, Leuven, Utrecht, London and Heidelberg.

Says Lars Horntveth, Jaga Jazzist founding member, reed-man, arranger & composer: ‘I have been dreaming of orchestrating some of the music of Jaga Jazzist for many years and now this is really happening. The music of Jaga has many orchestral elements and really suits being arranged on a larger scale. I’m looking forward to work with the orchestras and play together as a band. I hope it will be rewarding both for us and the resident orchestras.’

Full tour details below.

A musical phenomenon

Jaga Jazzist have become something of a musical phenomenon in Norway since they started 15 years ago. Not only is this 9 piece instrumental band regarded as one of the most exciting and innovative in Norway, the members are all involved in other musical projects and have in one way or another contributed to almost every significant recording to come out of that part of the world in the last few years. It has been this strong involvement with different projects, and different musical styles and sounds which is the key to the unique sound of Jaga Jazzist. With no boundaries and an arsenal that includes trumpet, trombone, electric guitars, bass, tuba, bass clarinet,saxes, keyboards, vibraphone and a rack of electronics, Jaga Jazzist create timeless music. Melodic, hypnotizing, delicate and subtle.

Jaga Jazzist started out in Tønsberg (a mid-sized town south of Oslo) in 1994 at which time Lars Horntveth was only 14 years old! In 2001 they released their debut album “A Livingroom Hush” on Warner in Scandinavia to massive critical acclaim and solid sales (the album sold over 15000 copies in Norway alone). The band then signed a deal for the rest of the world through Oslo’s Smalltown Supersound. Throughout the early 00s the band shocked fans and critics alike with their blistering live shows and the buzz resulted in sold out dates all over Europe and the band soon came to the attention of Ninja Tune who did a license/collaboration deal with Smalltown Supersound.

Many comparisons have been made about Jaga Jazzist and their music; from Soft Machine, Eric Satie, John Coltrane and Charles MminguS to acts like Aphex Twin, Stereolab, Squarepusher, Isotope 217 and Tortoise. One thing is for sure; Jaga Jazzist’s sound draws influences from the whole. The band themselves cite Steve Reich, My Bloody Valentine, Fela Kuti, Dungen, Jean Claude Vannier, Tortoise, Cornelius, Sonic Youth, Radiohead and MGMT as important influences.


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