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Nordic Playlist launched

A new way of exploring the music of the Nordic region: the Nordic Playlist launched in early January with weekly curated playlists from key artists and tastemakers.

An initiative from NOMEX, the pan-Nordic platform for the music export offices in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, The Nordic Playlist, launched in early January, represents a totally new way to discover the most exciting sounds in the Nordic region.

Providing a destination for Nordic music lovers searching for new sounds, the Nordic Playlist will each week offer up a specially curated playlist, handpicked by your favourite artists and tastemakers.

Every week, a trusted artist or tastemaker will compile a 10-track playlist consisting of two of their favourite tunes from each country. How do you listen to it? Simply click the link to listen in on Deezer, Spotify or WiMP, and allow your favourite figures to introduce you to a whole world of new music.

As well as the curated Nordic Playlist, you’ll also be able to find our personally recommended new artists, the top 10 sales and streaming charts of each country, and last but by no means least, specially created DJ mixes from the region’s most prominent music makers.

NOMEX is a pan-Nordic platform owned by the music export offices in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It is set up to facilitate growth and development in the Nordic music sector through media development, transnational promotion and support services for artists. Through projects spanning the region and beyond, NOMEX embraces the essential value of Nordic collaboration as a whole and as a rising force within the international music industry.

The Nordic Playlist is available on the major streaming platforms:


NOMEX: http://nordicmusicexport.com/