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Terje Isungset interviewed in Noisey

Posted: 19. Mar, 2014

Photo: John Hugnes

Terje Isungset gives Noisey the lowdown on how he keeps his cool in the summer.

The music website Noisey just featured an interview with Norwegian artist Terje Isungset.

Isungset has pioneered, and can be said to be the man behind ice music. What started as a commisioned consert in a frozen waterfall for the 1999 Lillehammer Winter Festival, has developed into a world of ice. An annual festival, year-around touring and records released on his very own All Ice Records, are just some of the aspects of this (literally) cool project.

In the interview he talks about touring with ice trailers and his forthcoming album, among other things.

Check out his performance with Mari Kvien Brunvoll below:


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