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Kygo: 22-year old Bergen producer on Avicii hot-list

Posted: 27. Mar, 2014

Momentum has been building steadily since last summer for 22-year-old Bergen-based producer Kygo, who has gained serious online traction via his remixes posted on Soundcloud.

By Helene Dolva Broch


– The pace has really picked up over the last three-four months, says Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl aka Kygo, who has 200 000 Facebook-followers, close to 150 000 Soundcloud-followers, and over 10 million plays on Soundcloud.

Kygo has now been offered a remix-release through Le7els, Swedish EDM/house phenomenon Avicii’s label.

– I stumbled upon a remix-completion via the IndabaMusic.com site, where the winner would receive the opportunity to release the remix through Avicii’s own label. The track in question was Syn Cole – Miami 82. I dug the original track’s melody lines and ideas and decided to give it a try and join the competition, says Gørvell-Dahl.

Within 24 hours after uploading the track to Soundcloud, Kygo’s manager was approached by Le7els, offering a release commitment. The Miami 82-remix now has 1,2 million plays on Soundcloud.

– Avicii has been a huge inspiration and served as a role model for me in later years. Being approached with this request was a major moment for me and, naturally, I accepted it.

Download Kygo’s Miami 82 remix on iTunes

Find it on Beatport here.

Norwegian EDM seems to be carrying quite a momentum these days. In your view, how can this positive trend be explained?

– I really agree with that claim. Norway has many skilled producers that have gained international exposure lately: Cashmere Cat, Lemâitre and Finnebassen to name a few. One of the reasons for this can be the fact that it is so much easier to distribute your music globally today via social media and sites such as soundcloud.com. Producers from tiny Norway, have the same means of reaching out to a global audience, as have producers from other territories.

Got any tips on hot producers worth checking out?

– There are so many skilled producers out there. One that has really inspired me over the last year is Swede Oliver Nelson, and Norwegian Jerry Folk is another one to look out for. He’s uploaded a couple of remixes on Soundcloud lately that are prime quality. Other names to be on the lookout for are Skogsrå, Tobtok and Thomas Jack.

How do you differentiate between edits and remixes?
– It’s not that easy to discern between the two. An edit does not offer major alterations from the original track. The tempo might be change to a slower or faster pace, or drums, bass or other elements have been added. Still, the track’s arrangement remains the same.
– Typically, a remix represents a more drastic re-arrangement. The track can be dissected and reconstructed in a totally new arrangement and melody lines, chords and instruments can be added or omitted or altered.

What’s the status on your own original repertoire?

– I’m currently working on several original tracks and I hope to have them released in the near future. I’ve got several instrumentals ready and really just need to find suitable vocalists for them.

What are your plans for 2014?

– The game plan is to continue to produce lots of music, release several original tracks and to travel around to play gigs. I’m dreaming of playing some major festivals – something that looks set to come into fruition now.

Diplo recently featured Kygo in a BBC Radio 1 show. Listen to it here.

Kygo on Facebook


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