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Week 13 in Review

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 28. Mar, 2014

Shining prepping for extensive US tour, new Stian Westerhus release and Biosphere/Deathprod premiere in Oslo – it’s Music Norway’s week in review.

Extensive Shining US tour

A super busy period ahead for Shining as they prep for the 3rd of April start of a 21-date North American tour, with the Dillinger Escape Plan, Rash Talk and Retox. Says Shining’s vocalist/guitarist/composer/saxophonist: – Ever since I was floored by Dillinger’s ‘Miss Machine’ album 10 years ago, they have been at the very top of my list of bands I’d love to tour with. Also, all four bands on the tour bill are a great musical match, and audiences can look forward to very special and energetic nights. We’re greatly looking forward to this tour!”

Details on tour dates featured in our calendar section.

Stian Westerhus & Pale Horses – ‘Maelstrom’ out now

Rune Grammofon gears up for a much anticipated release this week: guitarist Stian Westerhus’ & Pale Horses’ ‘Maelstrom’. Stian Westerhus is best known as one of Northern Europe’s most fascinating abstract guitar stylists. His recent album Didymoi Dreams with vocalist Sidsel Endresen was a unique pairing of extreme guitar abuse with gibbering vocal explosions. In Pale Horses, an more electronic-tinged trio formed with keyboardist Øystein Moen (Jaga Jazzist) and drummer/percussionist Erland Dahlen, songs are given the freedom to ebb, flow, elongate and contract, much like a more improvised set. Highly recommended listening for the weekend.
More HERE.

Tono First quarter report

TONO – Norway’s Performing Rights Society unveiled its first quarter report this week. A total of 46,6 mNOK of revenue has now been disbursed to Norwegian rights holders for use of their repertoire on radio, TV, online and live. A total revenue of 6,5 mNOK was generated abroad with Sweden’s performing rights society coming out on top with 2,1 mNOK, followed by Italy’s SIAE with 820 kNOK and Denmark’s KODA with 790 kNOK.

More HERE.

Tape to Zero Festival – Deathprod/Biosphere premiere

Oslo’s Tape to Zero festival presents a quite unique commissioned work next week: Deathprod (Helge Sten) and Biosphere (Geir Jenssen) join forces to present a set of original compositions to be premiered at Oslo’s Victoria venue. The two successfully partnered in the late 90s on the now classic Rune Grammofon outing Nordheim Transformed, where the two re-worked pieces by the key contemporary composer. Now, the two team up again and are set to perform their own compositions next week. Not solely a domestic event, the premiere of the Deathprod/Biosphere work has generated international media attention and several key journalists are descending on Oslo next week for the Tape To Zero festival.

More info HERE.

Nordic Playlist

No week can be complete without a new Nordic Playlist! This week’s Nordic Playlist is curated by Sweden’s Jenny Wilson and features The Whitest Boy Alive and Yoguttene as Norwegian entries in the rich mix of Swedish/Danish/Icelandic/Finnish talent.

Listen to it HERE.


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