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Strong debut week for ‘It’s Album Time’

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 10. Apr, 2014

Todd Terje’s ‘Its Album Time’ debuts with fanfare this week with favorable reviews at home and abroad.

After a decade of releasing singles, remixes, EPs, and his iconic “summer jams”, it was, literally, album time for DJ/Oslo-disco producer Todd Terje this week. April 8 saw the release of his new and much-anticipated long-player, titled, yes, ‘It’s Album Time’.

‘It’s album time’ serves as his first new music since last year’s “Spiral” b/w “Q” 7-inch, and the 12-track effort features no other than Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry covering Robert Palmer’s ‘Johnny and Mary. Adding to the Bryan Ferry touch, tracks such as ‘Delorean Dynamite’ have also bolstered expectations ahead of this week’s release.

In its initial week, Todd Terje’s outing ‘It’s Album Time’ has racked up an impressive array of strong reviews at home and abroad. A couple of excerpts:

Pitchfork rates the album 8,7/10, gives it a ‘Best New Music’ distinction and writes: ‘The title sets the tone: Casual, confident, and unburdened by the imagined need for significance that scares so many good dance producers into losing their cool when given a bigger platform. Most of the music on it could be classified as disco, with shades of cocktail lounge, exotica, surf instrumentals, and other styles that favor whimsy and novelty over sober artistic expression. Not that Terje isn’t an artist—he is, and a careful one, fluent in history, expert with texture, and with a grasp on composition more akin to a 1960s film composer than a contemporary techno producer. But for as much ground as he covers on It’s Album Time, the music feels effortless, gliding from Henry Mancini-esque detective jazz to bouncy, Stevie Wonder funk like breeze blowing through the waffle weave of a leisure suit. Conventional wisdom bears out: The looser the grip, the tighter the hold.

Writes Time Out London in its album review: ‘Has he reimagined the dance music album? Nope. Did he ever intend to? Nah. Has he made the funkiest, most enjoyable record in ages, which will rightly sit high in countless ‘Best of 2014’ lists? God, yes. It’s Terje time.’

Clash awards the album 8/10 and chimes in: ‘Athletic brightness betters gaudiness while wearing ’80s fashions well, banging out rhythms with fingers that’ve have just come from the cake bowl. It’s album time, and Terje feels epic.

The Washington Post also runs a thorough Todd Terje feature this week, stating that ‘Todd Terje knows how to deliver a specific pin-prick of dance floor euphoria, but he’s really just going for laughs.’

It’s not just Album Time, it’s crazy psychedelic hoo-ha time, and it sounds pretty damn fine.’ – The Line Of Best Fit

as if pop-locking breakdance kids had hooked up with Bob Fosse’s Broadway babies to reinvent the funky robot for the 21st century.’ – Spin Magazine

Todd Terje has also been duly profiled in a number of interviews this week, including The Guardian, Fact Magazine, Germany’s Groove as well as a Liberation feature as Musician of the Month.


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