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Week 15 in Review

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 11. Apr, 2014

Metal Hammer Golden Gods nominations, Samsaya in Rolling Stone and a new hard-hitting Waffle Mix – it’s our Week In Review.

Thirty Years of Mayhem – The Quietus talks to Necrobutcher


Mayhem celebrates three decades at the forefront of black-metal in 2014 and are set to release a new album as well as headlining the Øya Festival in August. The Quietus’ John Doran has sat down with Mayhem’s Necrobutcher, looks beyond the murder, the suicide, the extremism and the immolation, and talks to the Mayhem’s founder about their radical music and nothing else.

Read the full interview HERE.

The Arts Desk on the Tape to Zero Festival


The Arts Desk now runs a thorough review of last week’s Tape to Zero Festival in Oslo, focusing on the new work premiered by ambient icon Biosphere and producer legend Deathprod. The Arts Desk’s Kieron Tyler (who wrote this fantastic piece on Norwegian folk music for us last autumn), highlights not only the Deathprod/Biosphere work but also Susanna’s successful partnership with and Jessica Sligter. Writes Tyler in his conclusion: ‘Tape to Zero is a brave venture, bringing together partnerships which on this evidence really should not be one-offs. More than this though, its appeal is straightforward: to showcase fantastic, sometimes confounding, music in a fantastic venue’.
Full story HERE.

BBC Music Magazine – Leif Ove Andsnes orchestral CD of the month

Leif Ove Andsnes

BBC Music Magazine has chosen Leif Ove Andsnes’ ‘Beethoven: Piano Concertos Nos 2 & 4’ as orchestral CD of the month. Writes the magazine: ‘This second installation of Leif Ove Andsnes’s ‘Beethoven Journey’ is no less successful than its predecessor, in which he gave admirable performances of the First and Third Piano Concertos.Particularly beautiful here is the Fourth, whose first movement has a real feel of chamber music abaout it.’
Full story HERE.

Mona & Maria – ‘My Sun’

Mona & Maria are turning the clocks back to the 60s with their new video that accompanies their new track ‘My Sun’. ‘My Sun’ expands out into a sixties jam and a towering chorus that recalls Crosby Stills & Nash and various West Coast friends but also the English folk sensibilities of Fairport Convention. Check out the vid that features the two balancing on cave-ledges set against a Grand Canyonesque backdrop.


Metal Hammer Golden Gods nominations


Norway’s Indie Recordings can pound their chests this week as two of their bands; Wardruna and From the Vastland are nominated for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2014 Awards. Wardruna are nominated in the Best Underground category while From the Vastland are in for a Global Metal Award.


Praise for Marius Neset & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra’s ‘Lion’ 

Marius Neset

Marius Neset & the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra’s latest outing ‘Lion’ (ACT) has been bestowed with some strong reviews in its initial week. The album, which marks a bold step forward into the art of contemporary extended ensemble writing for the celebrated saxophonist/composer, has been reviewed by both The Guardian and The Arts Desk this week, with both singing the praise of ‘Lion’. Writes The Guardian’s Dave Gelly: ‘Scandinavian jazz’s coming man draws an immense palette of sound from a remarkable orchestra’, while The Arts Desk’s Matthew Bright adds: ‘It’s intense, dramatic and finely wrought, with numerous changes of style and direction.’

Samsaya – Rolling Stone 10 New Artists You Need to Know


Rolling Stone chose this week Samsaya as one of their ‘10 New Artists You Need to Know’ – April edition. Writes Rolling Stone: ‘Hailing from Norway by way of India, Samsaya isn’t beholden to any particular genre or style, cherry-picking elements of hip-hop, ska, raga and EDM, throwing them into her motivational, upbeat pop. The music on her forthcoming Bombay Calling LP thrills as often as it gets the body moving. “Breaking Bad” smashes together militaristic drums and slippery synths in a way that makes its kicking-against-the-grain message even more potent; and the loose-limbed “Beginning At The End” twists the breakup song into something actually hopeful. The New York Times caught her at SXSW and noted her “cheerleader energy somewhere between peak No Doubt and Lady Gaga.’
Full story HERE.

Metal Waffles

The Inferno Festival kicks off next week, and in celebration of the upcoming dark, hard-hitting days ahead, we’ve updated our Inferno Waffle playlist with some more hardcore flavouring to set the tone.
Get into the mood HERE