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Årabrot back in the UK

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 22. Apr, 2014

Årabrot return to the UK for a string of live dates in late April.

Årabrot have quietly built a reptuation among music fans in Europe as a daring and uncompromising live band over the course of their 13-year long career. Now, the hard hitting outfit returns to their growing UK audience to play a string of live dates in late April.

Årabrot first recieved widespread recognition with the Steve Albini produced third album, The Brother Seed (2009). Following this album, Arabrot went into a creative blaze the following years, performing movie soundtracks, art space happenings and collaborations. At the same Årabrot produced the exploratory EPs AbsoluteNegativism, I Rove and Mæsscr as well as two stand out albums: The gargantuan Billy Anderson-produced double album REVENGE and the needle-sharp Steve Ablini-produced ‘Solar Anus’. Årabrot’s self-titled sixth album was released autumn 2013 and claimed great homage at home and abroad.

– “Arabrot are pretty much untouchable in the global noise-rock stakes right now”
Noel Gardner, in NME’s review of ‘Arabrot’


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