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Spot Festival 2014

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 30. Apr, 2014

Nine Norwegian acts set to perform at this weekend’s Spot Festival in Aarhus, DK.

Music industry convention and showcase festival Spot kicks off in Aarhus on 1 May. For the 2014 edition, Beglomeg, Electric Eye, Ane Brun, Emilie Nicolas, Truls, Elin Kåven, Copia Doble Systema, Sea Change og Farao Norwegian acts are all set to perform showcases on Fri and Sat.

Electric Eye

Electric Eye

Quartet Electric Eye hails from Bergen and has created a stylistic output centred on psychedelica, groovy drones, blues and space rock, bringing them on the same page as Wooden Shjips, Black Angels and The Warlocks.

Friday, 2.May 19.45 – 20.20 Electric Eye @Atlas



Calling themselves “a dancing band for the dead” and “a musical box for cockroaches”, Belgomeg ticks all boxes for those into into psychedelic rock and unpredictable live gigs.

Friday, 2.May – 18.00 – 18.35 @ Atlas

Ane Brun

Ane Brun

Pan-Scandinavian project Nordlyd, featuring Ane Brun alongside Dane Mikael Simpson and Swede Alice Boman, features repertoire of the three distinct vocalists performed by a 37-man string ensemble.

Nordlyd feat. Ane Brun, Mikael Simpson & Alice Boman

Friday, 2.May 20.15 – 21.00 @ Musikhuset – Store Sal


Emilie Nicolas

Emilie Nicholas

With a solid background in jazz from the conservatory of Trondheim; Emilie Nicolas has released four dark, electronic pop songs that go from fragile to bombastic in a matter of seconds and she has a powerful yet melancholic voice. New single ‘Grow Up’ is currently generating substantial buzz at home and abroad.

Friday, 2.May 22.30 – 23.10  @ SSC

Elin Kåven

Elin Kåven

Ancient traditions are fused with a progressive contemporary sonic palette when Sami artist Elin Kåven hits the stage. Traditional Sami vocal style joik given a contemporary makeover.

Copia Doble Systema

Copia Doble Systema

Norwegian/Danish Cumbiaesque DJ collective bringing summer sun and Latin American party rhythms to Aarhus.

Saturday, 3.May 21.00 – 21.35 @ Godsbanen – Den Rå Hal

Sea Change

Sea Change

Ellen Sunde aka Sea Change creates a beautiful loop-based sound which contains beats, vocal harmonies and 80s choruses with an own ability of making it magic and mysterious ambience. New single ‘Bridges’ is out this week.

Saturday, 3.May 22.30 – 23.05 @ Godsbanen – Den Rå Hal



Combining wistful melodies, keyboards that quietly fizz in the backdrop of Farao’s finger-picked guitar murmurs and lo-fi bumps and whistles, her songs are all infused with a wondrous Nordic iciness.

Saturday, 3.May 22.45 – 23.20 @ Voxhall



With his very own, falsetto-tinged take on R&B, the former Lukestar front-man Truls has captured the domestic scene with his massive hit ‘Out of Yourself’. Europe is the next logical step for Truls – this spring sees him focusing on Germany with live appearances, record releases and promotional activities keeping him busy.

Saturday, 3.May 23.00 – 23.35 Truls @ Atlas


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