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Stereogum premieres new Sea Change single

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 30. Apr, 2014

Sea Change at by:Larm 2014

New Sea Change single ‘Bridges’ premiered by Stereogum this week.

Ellen Sunde aka Sea Change preps for debut album release and UK/Germany touring action with the release of her new single ‘Bridges’ – premiered by Stereogum this week.

Sea Change is Ellen A. W. Sundes alter ego, named after the Beck album. Her live performance includes Hilmar B. Larsen known from Det är jäg som er Döden and Jakob Jones from While You Slept. Born in the south of Norway in the late 80s with a natural fascination for noise, improvisation music, tiny acoustic instruments and synth pop. She creates a beautiful loop-based sound which contains beats, vocal harmonies and 80s choruses with an own ability of making it magic and mysterious ambience.

The next weekend sees Sea Change heading to Denmark to play the key Scandinavian music industry festival/convention Spot.

Next on the itinerary is a live appearance at Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival on the 9th of May, followed by a 15th of May gig at London’s Birthdays.

Late May sees Ellen and her compatriots heading to Germany to play the Norwegian-themed Immergut Festival, followed by a 8-date tour around Germany. 

The highlight of the year for Sunde & co, is without doubt their debut album set for a release later this year – we’ll post updates on release date, title and other relevant info as soon as it materializes.