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Russ, Fifa and Eurovision

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen

Norwegian Top 10 week 19 is dominated by high school party anthems.

The new Norwegian Top 10 playlists tells us not only what we Norwegians are listening to – but also what the people have been, are and will be doing.

The Eurovison Song Contest is over, and the Norwegian contribution from Carl Espen, Silent Storm, has made its way in to the Spotify top 10 – in addition to beeing a part of the WiMP top list for several weeks.

The ongoing Norwegian (unexplainable for foreigners) fenomenon  “russefeiring”, is by far the biggest influence on the Spotify list. Long story short, all Norwegian senior high schoolers party their ass off from the beginning of May up to the national day on the 17th. Weeks before graduating, they roam the streets in their self-made tour buses, often accompanied by their own “bus” songs.

The creation of these songs have become both a lucrative and credible job for young producers in Norway. Martin Tungevaag’s two tracks Mushroom Kingdom 2014 and Wicked Wonderland 2014, plus The Pøssy Project’s  Agrabah 2014 are amongst top 5 most streamed Norwegian songs on Spotify. Agrabah 2014 is in total the 7th most popular song on Norwegian Spotify.

A last addition to the list is another party anthem in the making, young pop star Adeléns new track Olè (Stadium Anthem Mix). An official contribution to the Fifa World Cup album, and a clear indication of what people will watch on tv this summer.

WiMP’s top list is still dominated by Morten Harket and Jarle Bernhoft, but the Kygo remix of Seinabo Seys Younger hits the chart with a 3rd place, pushing out Röksopp’s Do It Again. No official “russe” songs has made the list so far.

Note: Some of the tracks might still be unreleased outside of Norway and will consecvently not be available to foreign users.


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