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Nils Petter Molvær’s Lucid Dream

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 20. May, 2014

For the premiere of his new project ‘Lucid Dream’ leaves the stage and heads into German forests to stage a unique new audiovisual installation.

Following the successful release of his latest solo album ‘Switch’, trumpeter/composer Nils Petter Molvær takes on a new challenge in May with his sound/visual art installation ‘Lucid Dream’. NPM leaves the stage and takes his world of dense atmospheric sounds out into nature.

‘Lucid Dream’ is a one-of-a-kind new audiovisual installation, set for a premiere in Benrath, near Düsseldorf, on 27 May, whose unique character is constituted by its geographical location and the cultural-historical dimension of the forest. In Molvær’s vision, sounds, lights and images are united to become a walk-in installation, where the atmosphere changes between the purity and truthfulness of beauty and its dangerous, destructive side. The next destination for the work/installation is the 2015 Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

Sound mapping 

‘Lucid Dream’ starts a sound mapping of the forests of the world. The installation explores cultural and historic aspects of forests, and links them to the political field of environmental relevance and sustainability. The project’s aim is to travel to regions and countries where forests are endangered through fires, clearances, political and environmental issues. The installation will increase people’s awareness of environmental themes through art and beauty, and seeks to help to convince them to help protect forests where they live. Through the connection between a strong artistic vision, an extraordinary experience for visitors and the opportunity to attract attention to the historical-cultural and environmental relevance of the forest, Lucid Dream aspires to be a unique art-project with great international charisma.

Into the forest

Photo: Henrik Emtkjær Hansen

Visitors to the ‘Lucid Dream’ installation will move through a forest at night. Sounds and lights evoke inner pictures – lucid dreams. This crystal clear mental disposition in states of uncertainty is what Nils Petter Molvær is fascinated by and magically drawn to within his music. In this extraordinary and unique concert environment of the forest, the perception of time and space expands.

The premiere of ‘Lucid Dream’ will take place on Tuesday 27th May in the forest at Schloss Benrath, as part of the Schumannfest Düsseldorf 2014. Further performances are on 28 ., 29., 30. And 31. May. On each night the ca. 1.5 kilometre trail will be accessible on foot from 21.30 to 00.30.

With ‘Lucid Dream’, visitors enter a dark forest, a landscape of dreams and yearning, where time and space seem to distend and unite into a sensuous individual musical and artistic experience. The acoustics are made up of many layers of electronic sounds, alienated trumpet and field recordings. The visuals in the trees, shrubs, on the ground and in the clearings have been created by the Norwegian video and light artist Pekka Stokke.

The ‘Lucid Dream’ project is supported by the North Rhine Westphalia Arts Foundation, Norwegian Composers compensations fund, the Norwegian Embassy Berlin and Music Norway.



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