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Norwegian Top 10 Week 20

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 20. May, 2014

The Norwegian Top 10 week 20 still dominated by domestic party anthems.

Last week saw Spotify’s Top 10 list packed with tracks tied to the celebration of Norway’s National Day, the upcoming FIFA 2014 World Cup and the Eurovision Song Contest. This week’s list is still heavily influenced by last weekend’s National Day celebrations with Broiler’s ‘Get Drunk’ back on the list alongside newcomers Staysmann & Lazz with their ‘Ah Ah Ah’ and Katastrofe entering the list with their second track ‘Maria’.
Staut, Martin Tungevaag’s Mushroom Kingdom 2014 and Agrabah 2014 have all exited the list. Röyksopp’s ‘Do It Again’ shares the same fate, somewhat surprisingly, given its No#1 placement last week.

Norway’s reggae-alibi, Admiral P, enters the list with his new single Engel, and the remaining tracks all make a jump upwards as last week’s four top entries have exited the list.

It is worth mentioning that the most streamed track on Spotify, including Norwegian and international acts, is a ‘Russ’ (see last week’s explanation of the term HERE)  track titled ‘Wicked Wonderland 2014’.

It appears that the WiMP list is under the influence of the ‘russ’ phenomenon. The only newcomer on the list this week is the Spotify No#1 track, Martin Tungevaag’s ‘Wicked Wonderland 2014’, which debuts on No#4, ahead of Röyksopp’s ‘Do It Again’ and Morten Harket’s ‘Safe With Me’, both of which re-enter the WiMP Top 10 at No#5 and No#9 respectively.
Following weeks spent on the WiMP Top 10, Kaveh’s ‘Snufs’ exits the list this week. Norway’s soul man Bernhoft shares the same fate after weeks of strong performances on the list – exiting the list altogether this week.


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