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“We came for free food”

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt

It’s official, ‘The Fox’ has won the hearts of the internet

After some quiet months, super-duper hit ‘The Fox’ wins the ‘peoples voice’ Webby for best viral video.

The Webby is an “international award honoring excellence on the internet”. Other award winners were De La Soul, Vimeo and Vine.

The Webby pick for best viral video was a Jimmy Kimmel piece revolving around failed twerking. But the people wanted something else. They have not yet forgotten about those flying Norwegian foxes.

After a not-so-serious introduction by musician Stephen Malkmus and comedian Reggie Watts, the brothers strolled on stage, declaring they were there for the free food.

One might speculate if it’s really food Bård and Vegard are hungry for, or if it’s a break from the fox costume that’s tempting. But whether or not Ylvis is fed up with the tune, there’s no doubt that it has made its mark on at least the virtual world.

Watch ‘The Fox’ here:


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