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Gemany’s Immergut Festival to open with Norwegian Night

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 27. May, 2014

Einar Stray Orchestra, Moddi and Sea Change set to perfom at the Immergut Festival’s Norwegian night this week.

Since 2000, Germany’s Immergut Festival has maintained a position as a major player on the country’s live music market. With its constant quality and harmonic atmosphere, the event is one of Germany’s most constant guarantors of quality when it comes to vibrant indie festivals.

Under the moniker ‘Nordic by Neustrelitz’ the festival opens on 29 May in the National Theatre Neustrelitz the doors for a Norwegian evening featuring the Einar Stray Orchestra, Moddi and Sea Change on stage.

Writes the festival in their presentation of the event: – Norway now stands for an incredibly impressive music scene and, of course – very nice people. Moddi, Einar Stray and Sea Change will perform at the opening evening of the Immergut Festival for three concerts set to prove that a harsh climate can form not only a beautiful natural landscape but also stunning music.

Einar Stray Orchestra

Inspired by Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens and Godspeed You! Black Emperor the 22 year old started out in 2006, recording songs in his bedroom in Sandvika, Norway. As an experimental singer/song-writer he brought musician friends with him on stage, and together they produced both delicate and grandiose sounds with strings, blows and percussion.

Einar Stray, who recently announced that his official artist name from now on will be Einar Stray Orchestra, is set to release his second album via Riot Factory in August. His sophomore album has been christened ‘Politricks’ and follows up on 2011’s applauded ‘Chiarascuro’


Singer and songwriter Pål Moddi Knutsen, hailing from the remote island Senja in Northern Norway, brings his unique take on folk to the Immergut Festival. After a number of EPs and demos, Moddi’s debut album ‘Floriography’ saw its release in 2010. 2013 saw the release of no less than two new albums, ‘Set the House on Fire’ and ‘Kæm va du?’ – the latter being bestowed with a Spellemann award (the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy) for best folk album of the year. To date, Moddi has played more than 400 iggs in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey.

Quietly intense acoustic guitar, smoldering strings, and a haunting Norwegian-accented voice caught my ear like a tractor beam. This was Moddi” – Pitchfork

Sea Change

Sea Change is Ellen A. W. Sunde’s alter ego, named after the Beck album. Her live performance includes Hilmar B. Larsen known from Det är jäg som er Döden and Jakob Jones from While You Slept. Born in the south of Norway in the late 80s with a natural fascination for noise, improvisation music, tiny acoustic instruments and synth pop. She creates a beautiful loop-based sound which contains beats, vocal harmonies and 80s choruses with an own ability of making it magic and mysterious ambience. Still there is a wide range within her music. It can be massive, putting the lower frequencies of the soundsystem to the test or gentle, almost like the wonderful nature of silence but always immersive.

This week, The Guardian added Sea Changes’ latest single ‘Bridges’ to their ‘Six must-listen new tracks from around the world’ list.


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