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Norwegian Top 10 Week 22

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 28. May, 2014

This week’s most popular Norwegian tracks on the domestic market.

Spotify’s Top 10 introduces yet another Norwegian trait this week: blogger-cum-celebrity-cum-artist personified by Sophie Elise, one of the nation’s most popular fashionista bloggers. Sophie Elise debuts on No#3 with her track ‘Lionheart’ – her entry on the top ten list coincides with Eurovision Song Contest finalist Carl Espen’s exit from the same list.

Katastrofe’s ‘Bleik & Sur’ and Staysman & Lazz with their ‘Ah Ah Ah’ and Broiler’s ‘Get Drunk’ share the same fate.

Röyksopp & Robyn’s major hit ‘Do It Again’ re-enters the list at No#7 alongside a brand new ‘russ’ track (explanation HERE) , Paragon 2014 (ft. Crux) by Andreas Schuller.

WiMP’s top list mirrors last week edition. Nico & Vinz’ ‘Am I Wrong’ ekes out Morten Harket’s ‘Safe With Me’, but apart from this the list remains more or less unchanged compared to last week.



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