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NMVA – Who Won What?

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 03. Jun, 2014

A little Norwegian and a whole lotta Danish

Nordic Music Video Awards, a brand new initiative to celebrate the art of music-video-making in the Nordic countries, completed their first award show this Saturday.

Our own André Chocron took home the awards for Best Art Direction for Cold Mailman’s My Recurring Dream and Best Editing for Emilie Nicolas’ Grown Up.

Balslev/Martinussen got the award for Best Performance (Artist) and Martin de Thurah won Best Post Production and Best Cinematography for James Blake.

But this year’s big winner was Danish director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen, with the video All I Know for the American band Washed Out. He won the prizes for Best Performance (Actor), Best Director and top award itself, Best Video.

Check the winners below!

Best Video – Best Director – Best Performance (Actor) Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen for Washed Out

Best Art Direction – Andre Chocron for Cold Mailman

Best Post Production – Best Cinematography  Martin de Thurah for James Blake

Best Performance (Artist) – Balslev/Martinussen for Rosemary

Best Editing – Andre Chocron for Emile Nicolas


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