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International praise for Stian Westerhus & Pale Horses

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 03. Jun, 2014

Debut album Maelstrom turns heads in Europe.

The trio, describing themselves as postnewaveprogpoprockjazz, consist of Stian Westerhus (vox, guitar), Øystein Moen (synths) and Erland Dahlen (drums). The musch anticipated debut album Maelstrom was out on Rune Grammofon on March 28th.

Since then, there has been a substantial international interest in the album, with great reviews in Musicreviews.de, Altprogcore  and Plattentests.de.

Also  The Guardian noticed the musical developement Stian Westerhus has partaken in with this new album. “It’s a step change for this intriguing musician, and not towards jazz – but if his fanbase doesn’t rapidly grow as a result, it’ll be surprising.”.

English cred mag The Quietus reviewed the album last week, and claims what this group have created  “will surely be one of this year’s most artistically impressive and satisfying contemporary rock albums.”.

Check a snippet of the album below:


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