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Norwegian Top 10 Week 23

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 05. Jun, 2014

Spotify and WiMP Top Ten in Norway – Week 23

This week’s Spotify Top Ten is virtually identical to last week’s chart. Some tracks have switched ranks, but apart from that there’s little movement on the top list.

WiMP’s Top Ten is gradually moving closer to Spotify’s top list. Sophie Elise’s ‘Lionheart’ enters the list, while party anthem Wicked Wonderland remains stable. Another newcomer that first debuted on Spotify’s Top Ten is Admiral P with his new domestic reggaehit ‘Engel’.

One trait that discern the two lists, is the WiMP users preference for whole albums. Historically, acts have been featured with 3 to 4 tracks simultaneously on the Top Ten list (Morten Harket and Bernhoft spring to mind). The whole-album predilection now seems to benefit Röyksopp & Robyn’s new mini-album ‘Do It Again’. The title track is now accompanied by ‘Monument’ and ‘Sayit’ on the WiMP Top Ten Norway.

Ylvis, Nico&Vinz, Carl Espen and Morten Harket’s ‘Do You Remember’ all exit this week’s Top Ten lists.


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