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Funkin’ Matt – Tiësto and Diplo favourite maintains momentum

By Helene Broch Posted: 24. Jun, 2014

When Tiësto, Diplo, A-Trak and crew scramble to get in touch, there’s not much doubt that one is on the right track. Mats Ronander aka Funkin’ Matt has a lot of momentum going these days and rejoices in all the international positivity currently surrounding Norwegian EDM globally.

Music Norway: – Word has is that there’s a lot happening for you these days. You have remixed Mariah Carey! After the “I Wish” EP on A-Trak’s label Fools Gold, we have also heard that there is interest from both Ultra (the record company that releases Deadmau5, Axwell, Calvin Harris et al) and from Tiësto’s label? How did you get to where you are today?

Funkin’ Matt: Tiesto got in touch and sent me a message that he dug one of my songs and wanted to release it. The track was “I Wish” that had already been out for a while on Fool’s Gold, so it didn’t really work out. Instead, I sent a couple of new songs that he liked and wanted to release – they’re scheduled for release in late summer or early fall. Ultra came about pretty much the same way; they’d heard something they liked that I’d put out earlier and were very keen on collaborating on a new release. We landed that deal too so we’re looking at a summer release for those tracks. I pretty much feel that the best contacts you get are those who seek you out – my label Fjordin has helped me out a lot in that respect, giving me the opportunity to release my music and be heard and draw attention from the biggest players around the world. Regarding the Mariah Carey remix, I was approached by Island Def Jam and agreed to do the remix. It was approved and released in April.

MN: –What other partners do you team up with out there that can help you up and about?

FM: I work closely with Gregor Salto and his crew in the Netherlands, especially with regard to my label Fjordin. I also have strong ties to with Diplo and the Mad Decent crew as well as A-Trak and the Fool’s Gold guys. I’ve just recently started working with Tiesto, but there will definitely be more to come in time. Back in Norway, it helps a lot to have good people like Vegard Waske who knows the ins and outs of the industry and is a constant source of advice.


MN:-Norwegian EDM seems to be getting much international attention these days? Agree? And if so, why do you think that is?

FM: It depends how one defines “EDM” but if we are talking about all electronic music in general, I do agree! There are very few acts within what is seen as mainstream stadium-EDM, but we have many other strong ones within more niche genres that do their own thing – it’s super cool! Some of the best acts we have to offer: Slick Shoota (Juke), Cashmere Cat and Lido (Jersey), Lemaitre (French House/ Funk w/pop elements), Röyksopp, Todd Terje (nu disco/oslo disco) , TeeBee (drum & bass) + more!

There are many talented artists who have worked hard to get to where they are today- sooner or later the rest of the world is bound to become aware of them. It is perhaps a little telling that the people I mentioned have a much larger fan base abroad than they have back home in Norway ..

MN: Plans/dreams for 2014?

FM: I have several tracks that are set to be released on various labels (Fool’s Gold, Mixmash, Ultra, Musical Freedom) from June onwards, so I hope for success! Otherwise, I hope to play more gigs in Norway and Europe, and to get started playing shows in the U.S.!

Upcoming live events for Funkin’ Matt includes an appearance at the Varna Festival on July 10th.




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