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Top 10 Week 26

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 26. Jun, 2014

Last week’s most streamed Norwegian tracks on the domestic marked.

This week’s only new entry on the Spotify Top 10 is Broiler’s new single ‘Rays of Light’. The track debuts on No#6, eking out Nico & Vinz’ Billboard hit ‘Am I Wrong’ from the list.

Over at the WiMP Top 10, Adelén’s ‘Olé’ passes ‘Crazy Something Normal’. Katastrofe’s ‘Maria’ climbs two spots, ending at No#5.

Gabrielle’s new single debuts at No#9.

One of this spring’s most streamed tracks; Martin Tungevaag’s ‘Wicked Wonderland 2014’, has vanished from WiMP’s streaming service. Speculations of a record company take-down abound, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.