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Top Ten Week 27

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 02. Jul, 2014

Is domestic repertoire’s market share on the increase?

A strong week for the Norwegian Top 10!

Music Norway’s Norwegian Top 10 is a list of last week’s most streamed songs on Norwegian versions of Spotify and WiMP. Based on weekly leaderboards from the two streaming service providers, we present each week what Norwegians listening to the Norwegian music.

When we started this list for a little over two months ago, it was a bit dreary conditions to report. There were not that many Norwegian songs that reached the top, and Spotify did not even feature ten Norwegian songs within the 50 most played in Norway.

This week we need not dig so deep and we picked our Norwegian top ten from each of the top 31 on the WIMP and the top 39 on Spotify. WiMP also sports four Norwegian acts among their top five, and Spotify has three.

This is a welcome development seen in relation to the domestic repertoire’s stake of Norway’s streaming market. Is the positive trend a result of the recent international success of artists like Röyksopp, Kygo and Nico & Vinz? Or is it simply a consequence of school’s out for the summer, the FIFA World Cup and pleasant Scandianvian summer weather?