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Norwegian festivals this week

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 08. Jul, 2014

From the north to the south – it’s this weeks Norwegian music festivals!

Norway is a country packed with festivals. The number varies with the definition of what a festival really is, but just within the organization Norway Festivals we’ll find 77 different festivals. No shortage, in other words.

The summer is for obvious reasons (weather, holidays) high season when it comes to festivals. Here are some of the music festivals you can attend in Norway this week – and some of the Norwegian artists playing them:

Lofoten Pianofestival in Lofoten – Norways only piano festival!

Tysnesfest in Tysnes with Aurora Aksnes, Morten Harket and Tiebreaker!

Odderøya Live in Kristiansand with Jonas Alaska and Anne Grete Preus!

Kanonrock in Halden with Spidergawd, Frk. Fryd and The South!

Press Play in Kragerø – our prime holiday spot showcases, amongst others, lokal talent!

Stavernfestivalen in Stavern with Ylvis, Lemaitre, Proviant Audio and Kvelertak!

Trænafestivalen in Træna with Farao, Pixel and Erlend Øya & Hjálmar!

Midnattsrock in Lakselv with CLMD, Violet Road and Broiler!

Ranglerock in Bryne with Siri Nilsen, Vilde Tuv and Casio Kids!

Norsk Country Treff in Breim with Odd Nordstoga and Rita Eriksen!