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Top Ten Week 29

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 16. Jul, 2014

‘Salsa Tequila’ climbs to the top

This week it’s all about Salsa Tequila. Anders Nilsen made his debut with the tune on Spotify, on 9th place. Today Salsa Tequila is number one on Norway’s biggest streaming service.

Speedy success
The song was release a little over three weeks ago. It is close to 1,9 million views on YouTube. Engel, last week’s number one, spent five weeks to get too the top og the charts. It took Anders Nilsen two weeks to peak on Spotify. At WiMP, Salsa Tequila made its debut this week, placing seventh.

There has hardly been any movement not depended on that of Salsa Tequila. The only exception is at WiMP, where Gabrielle’s 5 fine frøkner has switched places with Katastrofe’s Maria. But every single song that places lower than Salsa Tequila has dropped down one slot. Broiler’s new tune Rays of Light has been pushed all the way out of the WiMP chart.

Behind the Salsa
The song ends up on a 72. place, overall, on Spotify.

VGTV (the popular Norwegian newspaper VG‘s videochannel) just premiered a new video diary by Galvan Mehidi called ‘Behind the Salsa’. Its purpose is to track some of the events that follow the gross popularity Anders Nilsen is experiencing and what they call “the world’s most absurd sommer job”.

Here’s this week’s top ten: 


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