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On tour week 30!

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 21. Jul, 2014

Check out which Norwegian artists are touring abroad.

This week there’s 16 Norwegian artist touring abroad. Maybe some of them in a city near you?

Concerts this week:

Vulture Industries in Slovenia

Helheim in Slovenia

Thea Hjelmeland in Germany

Lemaitre in the US

ÄIO in Estonia

Vilde Frang in the Netherlands

Håkon Storm-Mathisen in Japan

Kygo in Belgium and the Netherlands

Highasakite in Germany

Martine Kraft in the US

Cashmere Cat in the US

Gisle Krogseth in Serbia

Taake in Ukraine

Fehrplay in the US

Kristin Asbjørnsen in Spain

Jonas Alaska in Germany

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