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Top Ten Week 30

By Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt Posted: 23. Jul, 2014

Gabrielle moves up!

Not a lot of action on this week’s top ten, but Gabrielle and her tune 5 fine frøkner is moving up on the charts.

On Spotify she climbs from a 6th to a 5th place, and that’s also the only movement there this week.

At WiMP, the same tune moves from a 5th to a 4th place. Crazy Something Normal by Donkeyboy also jumps up one slot, and together they push Adeléns Olé down two.

Blogger Sophie Elise’s Lionheart has fallen all out of the chart, and at the same time made room for Broilers Rays of Light.

It might also be worth a mention that seven of the top ten tunes on WiMP are in the grand total top ten as well.

While we wait for a bit more exciting updates on the top ten charts, here is Gabrielle and her vide 5 fine frøkner, directed by Stian Andersen.


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