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Pitchfork praise for Jenny Hval & Susanna

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 15. Aug, 2014

Andreas Ulvo

Pitchfork praises Jenny Hval & Susanna’s new co-op album ‘Meshes of Voice’.

In a short time since its August release, Jenny Hval & Susanna’s collaboration album ‘Meshes of Voice’ (SusannaSonata) has racked up an impressive array of strong reviews at home and abroad.

This week, Pitchfork chimed in with a very favourable 8,2/10 review of the celebrated outing. Writes Pitchfork’s Grayson Currin: ‘“….the transfixing result of a 2009 live collaboration and one of the best records of either’s career. Hval and Wallumrød, refined and distinct stylists, committed more to the value of this concept than of their own reputations. They seemed to bristle less at the the idea of being typecast as a popular female Norwegian singer than not being able to turn that expectation into something more than pretty covers of popular songs or abrasive explorations of the psyche. As immersive and deep as the lake around which it revolves, Meshes of Voice adds a new dimension to the output of both its makers.’
This week’s Pitchfork review adds to a long tally of strong ones – a few excerpts:
“It’s spiritual chamber music, mythopoetically encrusted, captivating and terrifying at the same time.” The Wire (UK)
“Exultant experience.” 4/5 The Guardian (UK)
“This is seriously beautiful music, created by artists who are not afraid to face their monsters. Be enthralled by it.” PennyBlack Music (UK)