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Streaming music service Tidal launches in the US and UK

Posted: 18. Sep, 2014

Peter Tonstad, Chief Commercial Officer of WiMP

Norwegian HiFi streaming service Tidal aims at autumn launch in the US and UK.

The Norwegian streaming service WiMP has received much attention on the home market for its HiFi service that was launched in autumn 2013. The WiMP HiFi service offers CD-quality music streaming at a monthly cost of NOK 199 ($ 33/€25) compared to the standard-rate NOK 99/month for a premium subscription.

WiMP-owner Aspiro is now preparing an international launch of the HiFi streaming concept. This autumn sees the US and UK launch of new HiFi streaming service Tidal. The Tidal concept offers HiFi sound quality streaming, HD music videos and editorial content. The new streaming service is priced at $19,99 in the US and $19,99 in the UK.

What experiences have you drawn from operating the WiMP HiFi service on the home market that you can now use in the launch of Tidal in USA and UK?

– We’ve seen high demand – even higher than we originally predicted before we launched WiMP HiFi in October 2013, says Peter Tonstad, Chief Commercial Officer of WiMP. – There’s a vacuum on the market – where sales of high end sound systems have grown exponentially – but digital music until we launched our HiFi-product, has been compressed. Now it’s finally possible to match the quality of the music you play with the gear you play it on.

What user segment are you aiming for?

– TIDAL will, just like WiMP, first and foremost deliver quality, for those who care a little bit more about music and about sound. We continue our curated editorial profile and we are also the only ones on the market delivering music video in HD and integrated in-app music magazine.

Will you be promoting Norwegian artists through Tidal’s editorial content?

– That will always be up to the editorial judgment by the TIDAL-editors. We will bring the best editorial qualities from WiMP into TIDAL and will thereby make sure we present new artists to an interested audience early. Norwegian artists are about to step up a league, with great success in both Europe and the US the last few years – and it’s therefore natural to think that they will get their space in TIDAL. At the same time, we will showcase what happens on the music scene on the different markets, so there will not be any automatic showcasing of Norwegian artists.

According to Norwegian daily DN, WiMP has a Norwegian customer base of 17 000 users. WiMP has is operational in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland and is also preparing for a launch on the Pakistani market in partnership with Norwegian telco Telenor. WiMP’s total customer base now amounts to 580 000 users according to DN.