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Bergen International Festival hosts Play Nordic event in Berlin

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 01. Oct, 2014

Berlin’s Play Nordic three-month long festival continues with full force – this week the Bergen International Festival pays a visit to the German capital with a strong event programme to boot.

Oct 1st sees the Bergen International Festival inviting the Berlin audience to a musical pre-party with traditional Norwegian soup in Berlin this week. The event features will be a Jazz-canteen with the Norwegian saxophonist Håkon Kornstad on the occasion of the last Play Nordic event and the closing of our exhibition “Play Nordic”.

Anders Beyer, director of the Bergen International Festival will take the audience on a history tour of the biggest festival for music and theatre in the Nordic countries, garnished with melodious tastings and encounters with some of the artists that have graced the festival in Bergen with their performances throughout the years.

The event features violinist Sonoko Miriam Welde from Bergen, who at the age of 18 already has some notable venues under her belt: London Wigmore Hall, Bergen Grieg Hall and Tokyo Opera City Hall. The vocalist Tora Augestad (born 1979) is a recognized fixture in the German-speaking countries for her productions with Christoph Marthaler on the stages of Basel, Vienna and Berlin. Augestad is a multi-talented performer who masters genres from cabaret to opera and jazz.
The Philharmonic from Bergen and its director Bernt Bauge will be here for the event as the orchestra will celebrate its 250thanniversary in 2015.

The Bergen International Festival takes place yearly in May and June, and hosts about 200 versatile events within music, dance, theatre, opera and art. Bergen was actually a hanseatic city and formerly the capital of Norway and the city has been the birthplace of some of the greats like Edvard Grieg, Ole Bull, Jon Fosse und Erlend Øye. Furthermore, a jazz-festival by the name Nattjazz (Night-jazz) runs during the Festival, where national and international names as well as exciting newcomers perform.

The evening at the Nordic Embassies will end with a Jazz canteen with jazz saxophonist and opera singer Håkon Kornstad who opened this year’s Nattjazz festival.

Event schedule:
18:00-18:30 Traditional Norwegian Soup
18:30-19:45 The International Festival in Bergen with Sonoko Miriam Welde (violin) and Tora Augestad (soprano)
20:00 Jazz canteen with Håkon Kornstad (saxophone, vocal, live Remix)


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