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Black Metal – The Cult Never Dies

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 23. Jan, 2015

Writer Dayal Patterson returns with the second tome of his book series focusing on black metal: ‘Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies’ is out in March.

In 2013, writer Dayal Patterson published ‘Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult’, an intimate and detailed look at the birth and development of the black metal genre through the voices of the people who made it happen.

For 2015, Dayal Patterson returns with a new book; ‘Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One’ (www.CultNeverDies.com), the first of a series of books examining in greater depth this worldwide phenomenon. Comprised entirely of exclusive interviews, many with artists who have never spoken about their careers before, and images – many previously unpublished – this tome begins the project by examining three facets of the genre in detail, returning to the subject of Norwegian Black Metal, discussing Polish Black Metal and telling the story of the subgenre of Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal.

Set for a release on 31st of March, ‘Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies’ features exclusive interviews with Satyricon, Manes, Kampfar, Solefald, Wardruna/Jotunspur/Gorgoroth and Strid, as well as pieces on Shining and the work of Theodor Kittelsen.

We talked to Dayal earlier this week on his upcoming book as well as personal musical favourites.

The Cult Never Dies


What has been the goal of ‘Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies’, Dayal? What does the book set out to cover that hasn’t been written on the genre before?

– I would dare to say that this project – which began with last year’s Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult (and also Black Metal: Prelude to the Cult) – is going into the black metal phenomenon in more depth than anyone has done previously; at least, that is the aim I have for it, says Patterson. While the first book told the story of this genre’s creation and early development, The Cult Never Dies digs deeper and look at some of the most fascinating elements of the scene and the band’s that I would consider to be of huge value and significance. Perhaps most importantly, all the books have been written with the full involvement of the artists involved and so offer an honest account without the need for endless speculation or theorising.

Seen from a Norwegian viewpoint, what would you like to highlight from the book’s content? Any interviews or other features that stand out as particularly interesting?

– Well this first book is extremely relevant to anyone interested in Norwegian music – indeed, one third of the book is dedicated to Norway (the other two parts being Polish black metal and Depressive black metal). The book includes extremely detailed interviews with Satyricon (also looking at his Moonfog label and bands such as Storm and Darkthrone), Manes, Kampfar, Wardruna/Jotunspor/Gorgoroth, Solefald and even a look at the life of Theodor Kittelsen and his influence on black metal aesthetics.

The press release for ‘The Cult Never Dies’ states that the upcoming book is the first part of a series. Can you shed some light on what topics future books in the series will focus on?

– The books that follow will continue to examine various other manifestations of the global scene, including Finland, Greece, Sweden, America, the UK, ‘religious’ black metal, the ‘war/bestial’ black metal scene and so on. Volume Two is partially written but won’t be released until at least 2016.



What are you listening to yourself currently? Any Norwegian acts that pop up on your own playlists and you would like to share with us?

– Yes certainly! Last year was very good for Norwegian black metal; there was The Deathtrip album and of course as a huge fan of Mysticum I was extremely happy to finally have a new album from them last year. You also had records by 1349, Kampfar and Mayhem. The new Solefald is also very good, though takes some patience to get into.

More generally speaking, Norwegian music from the last twenty-five years is always on my playlist – Mayhem, Trelldom, Mysticum, Darkthrone, Manes, Hades, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Windir, the list goes on and on.

Any upcoming Norwegian releases or concerts that you’re looking forward to?

– In terms of concerts it has to be the Blastfest festival in Norway, where I will actually be presenting advance copies of the new book. I would be in attendance regardless however, the line-up this year is stunning – plus I always enjoy to come to Bergen and see my friends from this great city. After that it has to be Inferno festival I think, that’s not far off either. Regarding forthcoming recorded works have just received the new Dødheimsgard so will be investigating that.

Dayal Patterson is a writer and photographer who began his career in music journalism with the publication of his own zine, Crypt, a decade ago. He is now a regular writer and photographer for Metal Hammer and Record Collector magazine, having also contributed to the likes of The Quietus, Terrorizer and Classic Rock Presents, as well as penning biographies and liner notes for the likes of Marduk and Killing Joke.

Dayal is also the author of this site’s ‘Sound Check Norway: True Norwegian Black Metal’ – a must-read which tracks the genre’s birth, Norway’s artistic legacy and how Norwegian black metal bands have impacted upon the world over the last decades.



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