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Week 8 in Review

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 20. Feb, 2015

Kygo nominated for mtvU Woodie Awards, Röyksopp’s new Kafkaesque show, fantastic reviews for Marius Neset’s latest and WiMP’s fifth anniversary statistics – it’s the Music Norway’s Week in Review.

Kygo nominated for mtvU Woodie Awards

This week saw mtvU its nominees for the Best Emerging Artist category at March’s Woodie Awards. Kygo is nominated for the prestigious awards alongside such acts as Years & Years, Rae Sremmurd, Raury and James Bay.
For the first time in primetime, nominees will compete for the wooden statuettes on an hour-long TV special, airing live from the SXSW Music Festival in Austin March 20. The show will feature performances and artist appearances, and will be preceded by the all-day MTV Woodies Festival, streaming live from Austin on mtv.com. Voting for the Woodie Awards starts Wednesday at woodies.mtv.com and runs through March 10.
More on the mtvU Woodie Awards HERE

Röyksopp + Kafka

A bit of a different gig for Röyksopp at this year’s Bergen International Festival: Svein Berge and Thorbjørn Brundtland team up with Norwegian actors Thorbjørn Harr and Jan Gunnar Røise who have immersed themselves in Kafka’s more humorous sides, and present a new performance to be premiered in June. A selection of Kafka’s texts has been adapted for the performance, which explores numerous characters and stories from his career as a writer. The texts and a score of original songs lead us into this modern and hilarious version of Kafka’s universe.
More on Röksopp’s Kafka gig HERE.

Marius Neset: 5/5 Guardian ‘Pinball’ review

January saw the release of saxophonist Marius Neset’s celebrated album ‘Pinball’. Over the last month the album has racked up an impressive array of favourable reviews, crowned this week with an extatic 5/5 review by The Guardian’s John Fordham who wrote: ‘The folk and world-music sweep of its snaking melodies, the subtlety of its tonal contrasts and its mix of intensity and insinuation make Pinball another step-change in Neset’s already spectacular career.’ Neset is currently touring Europe and is set to perform in Copenhagen on Feb 21st before heading out on a tour of Germany and Austria from Feb 25 to Mar 12.

WiMP celebrates five year anniversary – unveils statistics

Time flies, streaming service WiMP (Tidal) celebrates five years on the market this week. To mark the date, WiMP has shared some of the service’s user statistics gathered over the last five years. A positive trend, as seen from a Norwegian viewpoint, is the domestic repertoire’s strong position – 33% of all streamed tracks are of Norwegian origin. The service’s most popular Norwegian act during these five years on the streaming market is Kurt Nilsen, who is actually topping WiMP’s overall charts, ahead of such major international acts as dele, Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

More on WiMP’s anniversary statistics HERE.

Nordic Playlist

No weekend without a Nordic Playlist spinning in the background. Copenhagen’s The Lake Radio curate the latest Nordic Playlist, and the Danes have made a pretty diverse selection of Norwegian entries: black metal phenom Burzum is contrasted by tracks from trumpeter Arve Henriksen and ice musician Terje Isungset- pretty cool.

Listen to the latest Nordic Playlist HERE.