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A growing industry: Mandelbaum Recordings launched

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 30. Apr, 2015

Industry News: A new addition to Norway’s growing music industry – Mandelbaum Management launches new record label.

As reported earlier this week, Norway’s music industry is growing steadily. Proof of the sector’s growth can be found in a steady stream of new start-ups, one of the latest being the promising launch of new independent label Mandelbaum Recordings.

An offshoot of the well-established Mandelbaum Management (which is affiliated with Norwegian booking firm Up Front Artists), home of such major acts as Cashmere Cat, Lindstrøm, Bearson, Hasta and VILLAGE, the new record label aims at being an international launch platform for new, promising Norwegian acts.

Mandelbaum Recordings’ first release, WDSTCK’s ‘So Free’, has already racked up some favourable reviews; Earmilk gave the track its thumbs up in late April.

Mandelbaum's Vegard Waske

Earlier this week we reached Mandelbaum’s Vegard Waske, the currently NYC-based Cashmere Cat manager, for a quick chat on his company’s new, exciting label:

Hi Vegard, can you share your aims for Mandelbaum Recordings with us? What genres and acts will you be focusing on?

– Primarily artists, producers and bands that we see have an international potential. Initially we’ll focus on singles and EPs. Genre-wise the focus will likely heavily electronic-tinged with a broad scope, but we won’t rule out the odd band or acoustic guitar here and there. We’re starting out with a clean slate here.

What does the Mandelbaum Recordings roster look like? What type of releases are coming up in the near future?

– Initially there is a single with WDSTCK from Bergen. The band manages to draw subtropical disco into a whole new direction. We’ve also got some fantastic Funkin Matt and Hi Tom remixes that will be bolster the single release considerably. If the band and management play their cards right, they can make a tremendously strong international impact, especially in the US. The single we’re release is a step up the ladder for the band. We’ve also got a few more releases planned but not something I can talk loudly about yet.

Any new signings in the pipeline?

– That’s a well-guarded secret, he, he…