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Weekly recap

By Victoria Hoseth

Check out some music that is worth you attention

One year after releasing the album Until This Blows Over, Thom Hell is back, and he’s in really good shape! The new album, Happy Rabbit, has a more optimistic sound than the previous, and it seems like his heartbreak is over. We recommend you to listen to the frisky pop-tune ‘Leave Me To Die’ here.

The punk/metal band Okkultokrati have delivered several stunning albums earlier, and they do not disappoint this time. Thequietus.com writes “After where well-received albums of snotty, obnoxious punk with more than a passing nod to Norway’s black metal heritage, they’ve thrown us one big, purple, velvety curveball in Raspberry Dawn”. Did that make you curious? Listen here.

Have you ever played the piano? Then you probably will recognize this super catchy cliché by Train, co-written and produced by Norwegian record producer and songwriter Will IDAP. “Play That Song” – here!

Friday 30th of September, the Bodø-band Kråkesølv released the album Pangea. Album number five is produced in cooperation with producer Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist and Susanne Sundfør). Their already established melancholy sound in harmony with new sources of inspiration is credible, and it is worth your attention.

Ingrid Olava, best known for beautiful songs like “Only Just Begun”, “Back To Love” and “Warrior Song”, has over the past decade produced lovely pop music, and this she continues, but now in Norwegian! October 1th she released the EP HEKT on her own independent label. The EP consists of three songs, and it’s her first release in four years. Listen to HEKT here.

It is long until spring, but Sandra Lyng is already well prepared. ‘Russetid’ is a traditional celebration for Norwegian high school students in their final spring semester, and this song is dedicated to them. The name of the song is LiQR, and it appears in the opening scene of season 2 of the Norwegian TV show Skam. Take a listen.

When Madden came with his debut single “Golden Light” it was one of the 100 most streamed songs in the world, and now he’s back with a new single “Alive”, a positive and up-beat pop song. In addition to the single release, the music video released 23th of september, and it is worth your attention.

Last but not least..

Today Matilda dropped her new single “Apologize” featuring OMVR. Matildas debut single “When Something Ends” went all the way to number one in the official Norwegian radio chart, and she has a wide range of listeners

– “Apologize” is about the stage you’re at after ending a relationship, and getting over it, but still feel like you deserve an apology. Working with Omar I had goosebumps from start to finish. He’s got a beautiful voice and he’s a really great guy. We had so much fun doing this, says Matilda