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The Waffle Mix

By Victoria Hoseth Posted: 21. Oct, 2016

Mikhael Paskalev - Witness

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This Week’s Selections:

Witness, a new spring tune from Mikhael Paskalev, who struck gold in 2012 with the release of his debut single I Spy. The song is uplifting in the autumn darkness, and the natural pace amplifies the excitement and joy of the song.



Marcus & Martinus won the eleventh season of Melodi Grand Prix Junior (Eurovision Song Contest, Junior version) in 2012, and the twins have had a fantastic career so far.

Sony Music Norway announced that their new album Togheter will feature 12 new songs in English, and the first single from the album is “One More Second”.



Wardrunas new album Runaljord – Ragnarok is the third of three albums in the trilogy: “Runaljord – Yggdrasil”. These albums are based on 24 ancient Norse alphabetic runes known as the Elder Futhrak, and Runaljod focuses on the final eight.



29th of September Sia announced that she would release a delux version of the album This Is Acting. It was released today, and it features seven additional tracks, including a remix of “Move Your Body” by Alan Walker.




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