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Wardruna’s album success rides to top of Billboard chart

By Victoria Hoseth

Hat’s off to Wardruna, whose latest album Runaljod – Ragnarok debuts No.1 on Billboard World Music Charts in the US and in Canada. The third of three albums in the trilogy: Runaljod has made some significant impact on major charts worldwide. These albums are based on 24 ancient Norse alphabetic runes known as the Elder Futhrak, and Ragnarok focuses on the final eight.

Ragnarok has recieved the following chart positions:

  • US:#1 on Billboard World Music Chart
  • Canada: #1World Music Album Charts
  • US: #5Heat Seekers Album Charts
  • GERMANY:#68 Official German Album Charts
  • UK: #153Official Album Charts
  • UK:#18 Independent Music Charts
  • NORWAY:#52 Norwegian Official Charts


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