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A Star Collaboration

By Victoria Hoseth

Nils Bech’s new music video produced by star team

On october 14th Nils Bech released his album Echo through Fysisk Format and DFA Records. Echo is Bech’s first album with DFA, and it is produced by Øyvind Mathisen & Drippin who sets a unique tone for the album. In the new video “Glimpse of Hope”, directed by one of Oslo’s most revered artists, Ida Ekblad, the music comes to full fruition.

Nils Bech is already a star in the art world and has performed at such spectacular venues and events as Venice Biennal, ICA (London), Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) and the New Museum (New York). The video is bold and vibrant, and is characterized by the directors unique take on urban folk art.



Nils Bech Echo


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