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Music Recap

By Victoria Hoseth

Djevel Norske Ritualer

The Norwegian metal band Djevel has a suitable band name and the musical skills and talent to justify it. Most of the Djevel members are veterans in the metal scene, having played with band such as Kvelertak, Enslaved and Orcustus. Now they’re back with their fourth album, Norske Ritualer via Aftermath Music.



Colin John – Jewels

17-year old Colin John, the youngest addition to Toothfairy family, just released his second single “Jewels”. A honest, charming straight-to-the-point song about youth. He is described as a musical embodiment of the cult TV-Show “SKAM”. A Norwegian Bob Dylan-incarnate.



Travelle – Nobody Else

More news from Tooth; Travelle is their latest addition. His music blends seamlessly between up-beat reggae, electronica and house. He describes his first single “Nobody Else” (Frøder on vocals) as the result of the nee to explore and experiment with different genres.



Ludvig Moon Kin

Norwegian newcomers Ludvig Moon appear to have done their utmost to make their debut album Kin into a innovative indie record. And they have succeeded. Since the 2014 release of their self-titled debut EP, they’ve been known for their vibrant live shows and been steady honing their indentifiable sound. Having already released three singles the band is now ready with their debut album, “Kin”.



Hajk – Magazine

It is time to introduce a new Oslo-based band named Hajk. They have so far released three singles, and this is the premiere of their fourth, “Magazine”. When Hajk released their first single “Medicine” they charmed us all with heart breaking lyrics and appealed to anyone who likes feeling good. “Magazine” is the song that’s going to put them on the map, and it will keep you warm through the winter.



Don Wild – Letter

“Letter” is a dreamy, well arranged pop-tune, full of love with a strong melody. It’s an evocative pop song with a foundation of blues and rock. The guitar based pop tune is catchy and with hints of soul, driven by powerful vocals.



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