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Music from Circumnavigate in Cameron-Scorsese’s film debut

By Victoria Hoseth

“Almost Paris” is the beautiful directorial debut of Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, the daughter of the well known Martin Scorsese.

The London based band finds their place leveled in the cinematic soundscape. Circumnavigate were approached by the producers after hearing single “Feel Like Home” and have now placed three songs in the trailer which has been available for worldwide use. Their music has also been placed in the final cut of the movie.

Today, Circumnavigate is getting ready to release their debut album, produced by composer and violinist Stephen Bentley-Klein in London. The album can expected to range between pure folk, organic pop and melancholic jazz. The release will happen early 2017.

Currently the movie is in distribution negotiations and will be released in 2017.