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Introducing Nora Collective

By Victoria Hoseth


Nora Collective is a full-service career management home for exceptional talent in the sports and entertainment industries. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Nora aims to bridge the gap between the domestic and the global entertainment scene. Nora Collective provides day-to-day management, publishing, booking, merchandising, finance and business venture management, and record label operations in cooperation with Sony Music Entertainment.

Nora is home to artists Arif, Loveless, Philip Emilio, Seyem and Unge Ferrari, as well as producers AxXe, Filip K, Kastel & Lasse Digre.

Driven by their love for music, Petter Wahlen and his colleague Ali had been working on different music related projects for a while. At one point they decided to do it for a living. So they gathered artists who inspired them and started up ‘Nora’.

We caught up with managing director Petter to have a chat

So tell us – What is ‘Nora’?

It is a mix of young people with different types of talent, joined as a family, investing in a long-term collaboration.

The industry has been giving you a lot of attention in 2017. How has the last year been?

We are delighted that Music Norway and the music industry recognizes our work, despite that we are not working with the most streaming artists. The past year has been the best for us so far, and we will continue to strive for success.

What is your expectations for 2017?

We expect that all ‘family members’ will create new success stories. We want to sharpen and improve our products and projects, and we want to inspire and entertain more people. We have lots of cool unexpected things going on.

Managing director of Music Norway, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, says that the collective have chosen their own paths, and it proves to be very successful

The informal Waffle Heart Award ‘Newcomer of the Year’ is presented by Music Norway to a recently established start up to recognize the achievement of companies who have recently joined the industry. This years winner is Nora Collective.

– Both artists, songwriters and industry professionals in this family tells stories about their contemporaries in a fresh and honest way. The collective have chosen their own paths, often via our neighboring countries, and the result is that their artists have been noticed all over the world, says Managing director of Music Norway Kathrine Synnes Finnskog



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