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Northern Disco Lights in Polen

By Johanna Alem Posted: 16. Nov, 2017

Film screening with Prins Thomas and DJ Fett Burger on stage.

On Friday there will be a screening of the film Northern Disco Lights at club Jasna1 in Warsawa. After the film screening, DJ Fett Burger and Prins Thomas will perform. DJ Fett Burger is with the Sex Tags Mania label that is based in Berlin.

Northern Disco Lights is a documentary about how Norwegian electronic and club music found a lane in the big world, with artists such as Mental Overdrive, Erot, Bjørn Torske, Röyksopp and Annie. The film draws lines from the 80’s and 90’s through Tellé Records’ (Bergen) rise, and includes interviews with artists and industry people.

Read more about Northern Disco Lights here.

We reached out to promoter Artur Korycinski, aka KingOfKong, to get a description of the Polish market for electronic and dance music.

– Can you give a short description of the Polish electronic/club music market?

– We have a blossoming electronic music producer scene. From long time veterans like Jacke Sienkiewicz & Maximilian Skiba to younger artists like Private Press, Earth Trax, Mozaika & Newborn Jr for example. Our festival scene is also very vital. The pioneering Astigmatic Festival (rip)Unsound, Nowa Muzyka Festival are getting more & more international recognition. The club scene is interesting. New clubs like Jasna1 in Warsaw has an excellent musical curatorship but it’s the hard work and vision of the Polish promoters that creates the vibe.

– What kind of position do Norwegian artists have within this segment?

– Norwegian artists are very important for the music scene and party heads as well. Artists like Skatebard, Erlend Oye, Todd Terje, Rune Lindbaek or Lindstrom used to pay us frequently a visit (Lindstroms first live band show was premiered at the Astigmatic Festival, same with Whitest Boy Alive). We also had some Polish/Norwegian collaborations. Maximilian Skibas’ last record was released on Internasjonal, the label of Prins Thomas. Rune Lindbæk released some of his music on the fantastic Polish “Fasrat” label.

– What is your expectations when it comes to the Northern Disco Lights/Prins Thomas/Fett Burger night?

– I am looking forward to it and hope that our guests will enjoy the screening and have a great afterparty!

The event at Jasna1 is on Friday November 17th. Facebook event here.

Jonas Vebner from Music Norway’s Berlin office will attend and meet the Polish industry. Industry and press are invited to the screening and there will be a Q&A with Prins Thomas after the film by the well known Polish journalist Maciek Sienkiewicz. The project has received funds from the Norwegian embassy in Warsawa.

The event has already been covered by the press (Vice, PolskieRadio.pl with Czwórka, Kmag, Going), and Tidal has created a Norwegian playlist.


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