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Tord Gustavsen Trio take applauded new album on extensive tour

By Christian Gran Svenningsen Posted: 18. Sep, 2018

Tord Gustavsen Trio (Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen)

Influential critics have had nothing but praise for the Norwegians since the album’s release.

The 47 year old, Tord Gustavsen, has now teamed up with bass player Sigurd Hole and kept drummer Jarle Varpestad in the roster. Together the three are the new 2018 version of “Tord Gustavsen Trio”. The original trio contained the late drummer Harald Johnsen, who tragically passed away in 2011, and later Mats Eilertsen.   

With the release of their new album “Together”, follows an extensive touring schedule to show the world their new sounds. The tour kicks off in Norway and Belgium before it takes the trio over the pond to the US and Canada. Over 40 concerts are scheduled for this fall and spring 2019.

Gustavsen freely mixes the ancient music of Norway with his love of Bach, the pianist arranging three chorales for the album; amongst them, the Vespestad-led “Schlafes Bruder” integrates a deep groove that Bach may never have imagined.
– All About Jazz.com do not hold back and compares the opening track “Tunnel”, to a “dusty, Southern gothic novel.”

“Tiptoengly gospelly”
The release of “Together” has not gone unnoticed and has been picked up as a favorite among music enthusiasts and esteemed newspapers.

He’s engaged with the tenets of Norwegian jazz, basically. But Mr. Gustavsen, a 47-year-old pianist, doesn’t buy in all the way. “The Other Side” carries its weight loosely, never sounding too sleek or too austere.
New York Times in their column, “The Playlist”, which highlights ten of their favorites each week.

The Guardian agrees with their fellow journalists in New York, and included Gustavsen and the gang in their “Jazz Album of the Month”. Calling it “swinging” and “hip” but more oftenly “tiptoiengly gospelly”. Even for an acclaimed jazzist as Gustavsen, the praise is humbling, and he tells Music Norway it is “very fun” to see such feedback on their work.

Also, the French music site and radio station, “France Radio Musique”, included “Together” in their weekly highlights. In addition it was pushed as one of Google Play’s “Album of the Week”.

Busy days ahead
With all the compliments fresh in their memory, the trio have packed their bags and instruments to set out on a long and busy tour. With over 40 concerts booked, it will be difficult to miss them. The tour tangles itself through the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Lithuania, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands.

Visit their website to find out where they are playing next.


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