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How has digitalization influenced the music industry?

By Christian Gran Svenningsen

Author and associate professor, Daniel Nordgård.

Daniel Nordgård has written a book about innovation and disruption in the international music business.

By researching the international music industry and changes we have seen from the process of digitalizing the world, Nordgård has collected the data and transformed it into something readable.

«The Music Business and Digital Impacts – Innovations and Disruptions in the Music Industries» explores  the discussions and debates that have taken place at the forum, Kristiansand Round Table Conference. Nordgård has been a central figure at said conference, which takes place each year, a week before the music conference, Sørveiv. 

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We asked Nordgård a few questions to get the essence of what his book is about, and what Kristiansand Round Table Conference (KRTC) is.

Q. What is KRTC and how many years has it been active?

A. It is a private forum for the international music industry where we discuss issues concerning digitalization. Since the forum and meetings are private and has restrictions on citations, the participants speak more freely around difficult issues. This also applies to discussions containing sensitive information and could be in conflict with company policies. The point of this being free speech and insightful discussion.

KRTC was started back in 2007 by Bendik Hofseth and Peter Jenner. Nowadays we plan the conference so it coincides with Sørveiv, that way we can cooperate with the team there, in addition to the fact that KRTC-participants are at Sørveiv. In other words a win-win situation.

Q. Your book is built around the discussions at KRTC, so what are the most important discussion topics, and do we get acquainted with them? 

A. The most important discussions portrayed in the book are connected to the structure of the music industry. A lot of time has been set aside to to describe and discuss how, and how badly, or difficult these structures work with digitalization. Problems arising from digitalization are explained by the already existing issues in the industry, which is highly fascinating. Furthermore, another central subject is alle the challenges when it comes to data.

Q. In what way does Norway compare to the rest of the  world in this process of digitalization? 

A. Norway is not that different, but we have been forerunners when it comes to digitalization. We have a small market, but well functioning organizations and institutions. Therefore, it is an interesting market to analyze and gives you a hint to the outcome in other markets.

KRTC’s focus is not on Norway, but the forum wound up here. The University of Agder’s and Cultiva’s initiativ to create a master program for music business and management, is the reason to why we meet in Kristiansand. To begin with, it was supposed be an arena to discuss the structure of the master prorgram, but it turned out to be something the international participants found valuable for other discussions as well. We the forum going, and I have been able to do my research on it.

Visit Nordgård’s Facebook-page here. Visit his profile at University of Agder with a collection of his publications and articles.


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