Norwegian music industry’s export facilitator and promotional organisation.

Central Europe office

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Music Norway’s second office was established in Berlin in 2011. The office is a service point for Norwegian exporters of music in all genres enabling Norwegian music professionals to establish meaningful and profitable relationships in Central Europe. The office is run by Jonas Vebner who previously headed up the London office.

Based on the positive feedback on Music Norway’s first international office in London, a second office was established in Berlin to cater for the important German-speaking territories. The office has now expanded to also encompass Central Europe (with a particular focus on Poland who has matured considerably as a market). The office is focused not only on building Norwegian export capability but also ensuring that Norwegian talent enjoys the visibility and success it deserves. This is done in close collaboration with the Norwegian music industry and its international partners in addition to the Norwegian embassy in Berlin.

What does the Berlin office do?

The office is still fairly new and still in a set-up phase, its focus being exploring opportunities, mapping players and investigating marked dynamics. In addition the office oversees all of Music Norway’s projects and activities in Central Europa and functions as a contact point and mediator as well as a general service and competence centre. Some of the this includes:

•    Coordinating export advances (showcase productions, networking and competence events, marketing campaigns, presentations, etc.) in the Central Europe.

•    Facilitating organization for Norwegian industry professionals wanting to work towards Central Europe through different means/tools, such as hot desking, backline deals, a resource database, promo support, etc.

•    Working as a contact point and mediator between Norwegian and Central European music industry, building a crucial network of industry relationships by retaining close contact with the industry/media on a daily basis.

•    Acting as a service and competence centre for the Norwegian export-geared music industry. Also by providing consulting services on potential collaborators and service providers for members of the Norwegian industry that wish to work towards Central Europe.

•    Continual industry information gathering, including key arenas, individual professionals and companies, the macro environment, potential strategic partners, trends and other possibilities. Accumulating networks and experiences through a close dialogue with active Norwegian industry professionals.

•    Coordinating/consulting the invitation process of business/media at international networking programs such as by:Larm, Øya International, Molde Jazz Festival, Folkelarm, etc.

•    Consultancy and advisory services to Innovation Norway and embassies/consulates regarding GSA music-related activities of the Norwegian industry.

•    Building trade competence in the area of music export to the GSA and related markets via course activity in Norway.

Why a Berlin Office?

Germany (as well as the rest of the GAS ) has traditionally been a very important market for Norwegian music who’ve enjoyed substantial artistic and commercial success over the last decades. The German market is interesting for several reasons:

•    Ranked as the 4th biggest market for recorded music, Germany is one of the most important music markets in the world (IFPI).

•    The country has a strong stable live entertainment market. After a dip in sales in 2008 and 2009, the sector reports a revenue boost of 24 percent for 2011 with 2012 supporting trend.  Its main touring cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt) are all relatively close in proximity, making travel logistics easy. Its central placement on the European continent makes it an ideal anchor date for wider European tours. Fees are relatively higher than most other countries in Europa.

•    Germany is a wealthy country, measured in nominal GDP the fourth richest country in the world, and the second largest on export and third largest on import of goods, making it an important economic bedrock in a hurting Eurozone.

•    When looking at consumer spending and advertising revenue across all media, Germany is poised to remain the largest Entertainment & Media market world-wide after the US, China and Japan (PWC’s 2013-2017 Global Entertainment and Media Outlook).

•    There are strong ties between Norway and Germany on many levels; historically, politically, culturally and business wise. The market appears very receptive to Scandinavian/Norwegian music.

•    The market has close links with the music market in Austria and Switzerland.

•    Berlin emergence as the main tech and start-up hub in Europe give life to a very interesting dynamic between music and technology. Several multinational tech companies have chosen to set up their headquarter in Berlin.


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Contact the Centra European office: berlin (at) musicnorway.no