Norwegian music industry’s export facilitator and promotional organisation.

What is Music Norway?

Music Norway aims to foster growth in interest and use of Norwegian music of all genres and styles. Addressing the needs of the music industry, artists, ensembles and organisations, Music Norway offers support programs, competence building, facilitation of networking arenas and counselling – just to name a few tools that are at the organisation’s disposal. Music Norway develops programs that fit a digital and global music industry, based on data retrieval, analysis and music export statistics.

Music Norway is funded by the Ministry of Culture. In addition to the Ministry’s direct operational funding, Music Norway also administers additional grants through the organisation’s various support programmes.

Our mission: We will create international success stories in partnership with the Norwegian music industry.

Our vision: In a globalised music market that is continually changing, there is demand for skilled experts. Music Norway is the Norwegian music industry’s international pathfinder and export experts.

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