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Alfred Janson

Alfred Janson’s (born 1937) compositions show evidence of his background in jazz, and among Janson’s earliest compositions we find several for jazz ensembles. From 1962 onwards, he began to compose in a more traditional format of notation, and rapidly received attention. His orchestral work Construction and Hymn won the prize of best ‘non-Dutch’ work in the composition contest at the Bilthoven Festival. The same year he had his international breakthrough at the World Music Days with Canon for chamber orchestra and tape. It is difficult to place Alfred Janson in a stylistic category. His early works belong in a modernist tradition, but his compositions gradually developed a more tonal nature.

A selection of works: November 1962 (piano). Lullaby for 48 String-Players and Soprano. Construction and Hymn (orchestra). Canon for chamber orchestra and tape. A Mountain Fairytale (opera), Prelude for Violin and Orchestra. Interlude for Orchestra. National Hymn (orchestra). Sonnet no. 76 (choir and baritone).

Link to Alfred Janson’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):



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