Norwegian music industry’s export facilitator and promotional organisation.

All Access Agency

All Access Agency is a high-end consulting, managing and teaching company primarily directed towards the music and entertainment industry – we help you achieve what’s important to you.

All Access Agency was founded by Simon Füllemann to give entertainment entrepreneurs, artists, bands, organizations, universities and creative people a partner to succeed with their vision, free from long-term commitments or intellectual property loss.

We are based out of Oslo, Norway and have over 25 years of experience in working in the market as well is in other fields. We talk to key people everyday and have a huge worldwide network of people we work with for your success.

Besides touring the country on a regular basis holding lectures and courses our core competences are;
•    Industry knowledge
•    Brand development
•    Band development
•    Strategic networking
•    Product management
•    Project management
•    Event management

We advice you based on comprehensive experience from leading global companies, managing international labels, to developing platinum selling bands and map out worldwide marketing & brand strategies.

We can help you prepare for your next step, work “behind the scenes” and give you the benefit of our experience and knowledge.

All Access Agency is your network enabler, marketing grinder, brand developer, independent A&R, label service provider.