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Amund Maarud

Photo: Anne Vesaas

Amund Maarud first started in the band Maarudkara at the age of 6 with his brother Henrik on drums and his father on bass. In the year 2000 he started Amund Maarud Band, still with his brother Henrik on drums and with straight blues on the repertoire.

With this years album release ”Electric” Amund Maarud (30) is kind of back where he started deeply into the blues tradition. The album marks Amund´s 20 years as a blues musician with release as early as the age of 10! However for those who think this is a regular blues release, do think again. There are a variety of styles on this album, and people in guitar rock tradition will probably note this as a rock release.

”Some choices you just make without considering options. When I was 10 I just decided to become a bluesguitarist fulltime. It didn´ seem any more strange to me than the wish to become a fireman” says Amund Maarud.