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Andre Bratten

Andre Bratten cites a wide range of inspirational sources that have helped shape his easily identifiable sound that has helped him to wind hearts and minds at home and abroad: traces from everything from the Norwegian electronica masters Røyksopp to Metro Area, Sigur Rós, Eno, Cluster and Weather Report can all be found in Bratten’s throbbing, pulsating and warm tracks.

Brattens efforts with the synthesizer coincided with a huge boom in Norwegian electronic music, his productions recently came to the attention of Norwegian ‘cosmic disco’ mogul Prins Thomas and his Full Pupp colony. Andre’s tracks share the exploratory vibe of the 80s synth pop pioneers, and misfit electronic pop musicians like John Foxx, who were forced learning to sculpt new sounds with new tools. Yet he updates those sounds to a contemporary rhythm matrix, in parallel with the dayglo analogue dance music of Lindstrøm, Todd Terje and Prins Thomas himself – and he just happens to share the central Oslo studio space used by that glorious trinity.

His debut album, ‘Be A Man You Ant’, is a strong individual statement. It computes almost infinite variations on the sounds he could extract from a single modular synthesizer; find squelchy bugs in the bassbin, weird analogue squeegee smears, bright drum machine splats and the occasional significant pause.

European live-booking is handled by Backroom Entertainment while North America is done by The Windish Agency