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Annbjørg Lien

Annbjørg Lien (b. 1971) plays the Hardanger fiddle, fiddle and the Swedish key harp. Lien has released several albums under her own name, starting with Kjellstadslåttar in 1988. She has also recorded with several other artists and groups, such as Bukkene Bruse. Lien also has an international career behind her. She toured in countries like Japan, Germany and Spain with Bukkene Bruse and participated on the album Tears of Stone, recorded by irish folk music group The Chieftains. Lien has been awarded a series of times.

Lien joined group String Sisters in 2000 which consists of six female fiddlers from six different countries. A tour in 2005 resulted in a livealbum released in 2007 on Grappa. The same year she wrote a commissioned piece for Telemarksfestivalen with American Bruce Molsky, Swede Mikael Marin and Canadian Christine Hanson. The piece became the record Waltz With Me in 2008. Lien is also much in demand as a teacher, and offers master classes all around the world. Her latest album is Khoom Loy on Grappa in 2012 where she is joined by six musicians from Nepal.